Hello From Your Technology Problem Solver

My name is Pritesh Ganatra and I am technology problem solver based in Northampton. If you have issues with your IT or communications, then I can solve it for you ...

I was born in Uganda in East Africa in the late 60s and arrived in the UK at a very young age in 1972. The first memory of this country I remember was it being cold and dark and white, fluffy stuff was falling from the sky.

"Yes, you guessed it! It was the first time I had seen snow!"

Other childhood memories are of mashed potato being served at nursery which reminded me of what I called Matoke ... mashed Plantain which was boiled and mashed up back home in Africa. I was also driven about in a green car with a very distinctive shape that years later, I discovered to be a Vauxhall Viva. I still love cars and driving to this day.

I learned to enjoy a wide variety of subjects through reading and even today, I love to learn about science, electronics, satire, general knowledge and the natural world around me. I enjoy writing and have written one fictional novel so far with elements of my own live intertwined with the story.

"So what do I do now?"

Well, I've been serving the public since 1989. This means selling successfully with a great record of customer service and repeat business for the past 32 years. I started at the Dixons flagship store in Oxford then moved into Dixons Carphone for five years in the 90s. This is where I first experienced corporate life and the art of ethical selling.

Yes, you read it right, ethical selling. I have never sold anything that does not directly benefit a customer or client (and subsequently my business clients), but will admit, that mistakes can be made as I am only human. It's how you deal with mistakes that makes the difference.

In 1995, I was offered a job, that has led to my career ... selling business equipment for BT to business and corporate customers and organisations. My experience from Dixons allowed me to sell over £6m of equipment and services in just 4 years with multiple customer commendation letters throughout that time.

From 1999 to 2003, I retrained as a BT Engineer (pre-Openreach) and gained experience in installing and fault-finding phone lines and in 2000, learning about the first ADSL (broadband) connections.

And ever since, I have sold, supplied, implemented and serviced business customers with technology solutions including Telephony, Voice Systems, Mobile Phones, SIMs, Internet connectivity, Computers and network infrastructure and evolving to Full Fibre Optic Networks, Wi-Fi and Cyber Security solutions.

"It's an amazing job I have, and I love every minute of it!"

I suppose that if I was to put my finger on one reason I am successful at what I do is that I am here for 'life' for you ... it's as simple as that. If you are one of my customers it doesn't matter whether you are spending £10.00 per month or £80,000 per month, you have my undivided attention.

If your services are not working, it's a knock-on effect. Your customers will be complaining to you, it costs you money, and in turn, I would get a complaint and therefore be costing money to put, what is usually, simple things right.

My ethos is that I need to be the very best to give the best advice and I should know the answers to your questions. If I don't know the answer, I will go and learn about it! You don't go to a GP for heart surgery, you see a specialist and electronics and technology is the same. Just because we are all supposedly tech-savvy these days, doesn't mean you don't need a specialist in your life!

I am your technology problem solver, and I look forward to helping you.

If you feel inspired to find out more then do call me on 07555 807700 or leave a comment below and I'll be in touch as soon as I can.