Technology: Fraught With Complications And Mistrust

Back in the day, we only had the humble telephone. This in itself revolutionised the world of technology as you could (at a cost), call your Auntie Sheila in Auckland or Uncle Nigel in New York. This was as instant as it was going to get for a long time ...

Back in 1991, I was sent from Store 0044 Oxford to London by train and came back with a bottle of champagne! "Why?" I hear you wonder? It's because I made the right choices. I was sent on a training day for a new product which was going be launched in all major Dixons stores.

"I won the multiple-choice and got 96% at the end of the day quiz!"

And the new product? A stand-alone PC powered by the first Intel 286 Chip and costing around £2,500. It was nothing more than an electronic typewriter and calculator rolled into one. Unless you were a programmer (like my blogging maestro, Steffi Lewis is) you had little use for it at home, especially with only just 1Mb of RAM and a 5ΒΌ inch floppy dick drive where you stored your work.

In 1995, we saw the first GSM phones; ones that use the humble SIM card and the transition from analogue to digital in terms of mobile phone networks. For the first time, you had an almost global communications device in your pocket. The Nokia 8110 (aka the banana phone), originally released in 1996, didn't shoot to fame until 1999 when featured in 'The Matrix'.

We revolutionised the world in 1999/2000 with Google and the Internet became hip. Even though people were getting email addresses from providers like BT Internet, Yahoo and AOL, 'the net', was the buzz word of the day from 1997, it was the humble search engine that surprised everyone the most.

"Around the same time early broadband arrived! "

512Kbps download and 256Kbps upload, if you were lucky to be in the trial area, have decent copper wires serving your premises and you had been savvy enough to have been using both channels of ISDN2e to get the fastest dial-up services. This would cost you around £325 per month so was out of the league for most home users.

Your home/office telephone sat quietly on your desk, your mobile phone cost 25p per minute and 25p per text so was used for emergencies only and your PC sat on your desk connected to the world with a dial-up modem (or newer broadband connection) and you may have had an email address for work or home.

"So, what has happened to cause the modern problem of cybersecurity?"

It was marriage of course; actually, a merger of technology. From the advent of the iPhone in 2007 to having all our communications technologies on Internet Protocol (IP) signalling, where almost all types of equipment is now a connected device.

The safest form of communication now seems to be a simple phone call, but even that is fraught with complications and mistrust with scammers pretending to be from your bank.

Getting the right technology advice seems to be a lottery where you need a team of people who understand a little of everything and can make you bulletproof. Well, now, you just need to speak to me, your technology problem solver.

I know the right people with the right knowledge who can keep your technology safe.

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