Two Hours On Hold! How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Imagine this ... you are a small business. Your business is anything other than a technology company. However, you still require technology in today's business environment. Your company requires broadband, computers, landlines, mobiles, software and a whole host of integrations ...

You might be able to pick up a laptop from Currys/PC World or Amazon, get it delivered by courier and that's the end of that. But do you know what you are buying? Windows 10 has both a home version and a business version. Office 365 comes in many flavours both for home and business. Already confused?

"You may wonder what difference does it make?"

It may not make a difference when you first start your business, but as you grow and you need to do more with emails, document sharing, cybersecurity and GDPR and other business requirements, that's when you need the right technology solutions installed in the right place at the right time.

Do you need a company to set it all up or do you set it up yourself? That question depends on where and how you decided to buy your technology products and services. Switching on a laptop once you unboxed it is only the start of the process. There's setting up of Antivirus, Email Security, Antimalware and other software to protect against online threats. Let's face it, every single device now requires Internet Access from the moment you switch it on and that means another device that can be targeted by hackers.

Enlisting a professional IT company with the right credentials and certifications to source and set up the technology from Day 1 will ensure that your company has one less hassle as you grow and allows you to spend your valuable time on developing your business, not worrying about technology. Your time is worth much more in generating income and outsourcing IT compliance issues to the right vendors.

"The same goes with other services such as Broadband and Mobile Phones!"

I had to undertake a task for a new client last week. This was to move their Three mobile phones directly to another network and the first challenge was getting their account number. The company (now my client), had not received a paper invoice in over three years and had no documentation of their account number or any records of any sort.

I said to them, "You get on with your work and I will find the details." Easier said than done. On the first day of trying, I was on hold for one hour, fifty-one minutes and fifty-nine seconds before I hung up. The second day was more fruitful, only thirty-nine minutes before I got through to a chap ... in Egypt!

"Suffice to say that the client was very grateful for the managed service I provided them!"

You may get that free router from BT, Sky or TalkTalk, but as a business, can you really afford to spend hours on the phone to sort out issues when something goes wrong? When you are a business, don't think like a consumer and just look at the price or go out and buy any old laptop.

Instead, think like a business and save time, money and hassle by working with a technology partner like me.

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