Who Do You Do Business With?

Let's face it, we are all entrenched in the digital age. With the technology around us, infused with emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can answer thousands of questions per second, the way in which we do business is definitely changing ...

So, how do you find a good technology partner? If you are a non-technical business looking to improve your telephony or IT infrastructure, what do you look for in a new supplier? How do you go about choosing who to get quotes from and how well they can design and implement a solution that will actually enhance your business, rather than hinder it?

"I have seen ads showing a small business phone system that looks like a tablet with a handset to pick up and make calls on!"

Let me tell you in no uncertain terms, do not get blinkered by shiny new gadgets. The company behind it just want to tie customers into a seven-year contract and charge absurd amounts for the equipment on a lease deal. Never sign a long-term contract as technology is moving even faster than before.

The other adverts you see on TV for the best broadband and best Wi-Fi are all consumer-centric and usually have no bearing on business-grade products and services. There is a vast difference in service-level agreements (SLAs) in terms of repair times if something were to go wrong with your internet connection.

- Now, more than ever, look for a company with more technically trained people than Sales people!

- Do not get sidetracked and take an appointment from anyone making a cold call to you just at the time that you are looking to buy a new service.

- Do talk to other businesses in your surrounding area and hear what they have to say.

- Do ask the local business groups if there is a technical company who have been part of the networking scene for a few years and have stood the test of time in the business community.

- Go by reputation and ask for references. Any good firm will say to contact absolutely anyone of their existing customers, without hesitation. If you think about it, is this how you get your own business?

- You can also use a search engine for general information and check for any online reviews as these are a useful guide.

At the end of the day, people buy from people and we all have our specialist subjects, so find the best person that will fit with you and your company and not just any old supplier promoting the latest shiny gadget.

Find a good independent consultant who knows the market place and they will be able to advise your business accordingly as to who the movers and shakers are in the Telecoms arena.

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