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Anything That Is IP Uses IP

A world full of acronyms ...


Posted by Pritesh Ganatra on 14/12/2021 @ 8:00AM

IP generally means 'Internet Protocol' which is the standard coding technology that allows all connected devices, from your computer to a telephone using Voice calls over Internet Protocol (VoIP), to the millions of sensors that monitor air quality, legionella, temperature (to name but a few) to report over the internet ...

IP can mean one of two things, but you need to be careful with both!

IP can mean one of two things, but you need to be careful with both!

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All of the above is also another type of IP - Intellectual Property. This type of IP can be anything of value to your company in terms of working assets. If you are supplying widgets that you have designed, and no one can duplicate this without falling foul of the law (if you have the right paperwork in place proving you have developed the design and processes and is now your IP).

"In our world of plenty, we have become somewhat complacent in the way we handle the latter type of IP!"

Take emails for example; we send out sensitive information, drawings, legal documents and customer correspondence to include bank details and other requirements by email every single day without thinking about it.

Imagine that email gets intercepted and masses of data and company information is in the hands of cybercriminals? Don't forget GDPR if your server gets hacked and your company 'stores' payment information from your customers. And even carrying copies of documents on portable USB data devices is also a big no-no.

So, last week, I received an email from a legitimate contact and from the title on the email didn't see anything wrong at first. I opened the email and promptly deleted it as clearly it was a 'spoof' email as the language used was incorrect for that person and the email contained a rogue link (don't ever click links in emails if you're at all unsure of where it came from!)

Under some queries that we can run in the IT industry, it showed that the mail had come from the company's mail server and not by actual 'spoofing/impersonation'. That was just one case last week and there are hundreds of hacking stories weekly.

"So, how do we reduce the chances of email fraud
and increase our security?"

There is only one way, and that is by trusting the right security vendor. You may think that trusting yet another 'third' party is contrary to the whole security issue so consult your own IT department, or your IT partner to engage and check out the credentials of this new breed of cyber security vendors who phone me daily to check out/trial their products and to ultimately take out to market as a reseller.

It is our duty to you, (as the specialists/gurus/experts/ninjas) in our industry to advise you the correct (as can be) products and services that are currently on the market and what may be coming up that is beneficial to the data security for your business!

And remember, hackers are always looking for a 'way in'! This could be through any IP device (see 1st definition!). If you want to know more, visit one of my earlier blogs on connected devices and how to secure them on your network.

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