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Technology Overload And Mental Health

It used to be so simple ...


Posted by Pritesh Ganatra on 23/04/2024 @ 8:00AM

In 1990, I was selling a different kind of technology and life was much simpler. TVs, Video Cassette Recorders (VCRs), Stereo Hi-Fi equipment, cameras and camcorders. These items have one thing in common, they exist for pure entertainment ...

Technology used to be so simple! Not anymore ...

Technology used to be so simple! Not anymore ...

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Taking photos and videos of family and friends and never knowing the quality of output until either the film was processed or the compact-VHS cassette was played by hooking up to the TV was the highlight of the after-party. Watching the few terrestrial channels (before Sky TV was launched around 1992/3) was all you had for content, apart from the daily newspapers.

1992 was the launch of the first Amstrad PC, using the Intel 286 chipset. I was sent on a one-day training course, proudly returning home, having won the bottle of Mo√ęt & Chandon champagne, for getting the highest score in the end-of-the-day test ... and yes, I couldn't believe I was listening that closely either.

"So, began my love affair with technology!"

Cordless phones, mobile phones, fax machines, DECT cordless phones, digital phone systems, GSM Mobile phones, registering domain names, setting up BT Connect email addresses and advising businesses on all of the above, until 1997 and then a change of scenery in the way of re-training as a BT Engineer.

I was working on PSTN and ISDN from 1998 to 2002 and within that time, BT had launched its first broadband product. A whopping 512Kbps download speed and up to 256Kbps upload!

The internet was taking off. Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and Internet Explorer (IE) were the new kids on the block. Many legal battles ensued, with other software companies complaining that IE was being bundled in with the Windows operating system and that this was an uncompetitive advantage to Microsoft.

They were eventually forced to notify users that other browsers are available (and link to them), thus paving the way for us to Google our Internet searches. Let's not forget Bing though, because other search engines are available.

"Apple came and changed it all again!"

Firstly, with the iPods and then, in 2007, the ultimate game-changer in the way of the iPhone, We now had content in our hands. The only problem was that we were still on 3G mobile speeds. The mobile networks now had to catch up with demand and along came 4G and gradually increasing the data speeds.

Fast-forward to the meteoric rise of Social Media. Content, content, content ... and then more content! MySpace, Beebo and Friends United were washed away in the tides of history as fast as they had arrived, with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all becoming the norm. Only Reddit is the one original still popular in today's online world.

I have seen it all and I know I will learn more as time goes on. But therein lies the problem. We have become ultra-reliant on technology. So, much so, that when it fails, we seem to fail and the stress and distress it causes a minority within our society is now becoming an issue.

A whole new industry of Health and Wellness companies are being launched to train people in the art of 'taking a chill pill' and using other methods, other than technology, to rebalance the mind, body and soul, especially in the workplace.

We give our youngest children tablets and smartphones to keep them occupied while we get on with household chores and running our own businesses as we have the rise of the entrepreneur and wanting to be the next Richard Branson or Deborah Meaden.

"However, we inadvertently put pressure on
ourselves when things don't work!"

This is more prevalent in the corporate world. We check our emails all day, every day when on vacation, we answer that important question from a client and actually, they can wait as they wouldn't take your calls when on holiday with their family.

Remember, switch off your electronics at least two hours before bedtime. Play with the kids on the floor with lego, take the dog for a walk, and remember to reset your brain daily.

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