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We’ve Made The 50! Double Treat Today!

Regarding GDPR and the Internet Of Things ...

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Posted by Pritesh Ganatra on 16/08/2022 @ 8:00AM

Today marks the day I write my 50th blog post, and as with any milestone, it’s going to be a mixed bag of emotions and topics ...

It's amazing that I've published 50 blog posts! It's just the start ...

It's amazing that I've published 50 blog posts! It's just the start ...

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Firstly, GDPR. I am going to simplify it for you ... you keep your customer's data on your on-site server or cloud-based systems, such as Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), and you capture details such as name, address, and date of birth.

If you are selling items or the customer is subscribing to a monthly or annual service, which you take a direct debit or rolling credit card payment for, it is your responsibility that the systems on which you store the data can not be hacked and/or the data cannot be copied for a third party to gain unlawfully.

"Your systems must be robust!"

Azure and AWS also require secure passwords so don't be fooled thinking that data is in the 'cloud' so you are covered! Let me tell you, you are not! Your on-site servers must be regularly tested and ensure your firewalls are protecting your equipment.

There are regulations on how you use the data once on your systems, but that is just protocol and for customers to opt In or opt out of marketing and email campaigns. GDPR is most definitely about the security of your customer's data, over and above anything else. And there you have it, in a nutshell. Sorry to disappoint.

"The second item of technology I would like to address
is, again, the Internet of Things (IoT)!"

This is in the context of health and wellbeing. Offices have been closed for the best part of two to three years now due to the horrific global pandemic and now, lots of companies would like employees to get back to the office space, even on a hybrid working basis.

However, the offices and work spaces should be deep-cleaned, sanitised and made sure that the working environment is healthy. Imagine the state of the water tanks as no one has used the toilets for 24 months. The staleness, humidity and air quality all need to be checked to ensure that health and wellbeing is maintained.

Do your meeting rooms allow airflow so that Carbon Dioxide (Co2) can escape easily and not make the participants around the conference room table drowsy?

So, what's the solution, I hear you ask? Well, did you know, that there are 100s of types of sensors, that give real-time data in terms of air quality, humidity, ambient temperature, levels of Co2 and sensors that comply with regulations of water temperature in the pipes to monitor for legionnaires disease?

The sensors report back to a real-time platform so that the Facilities Manager can easily check all the building parameters for the best working environment possible. This is IoT in a nutshell for Health and Wellness for getting back into the office. There is a lot more to IoT for other applications so I will cover those another time.

Always consult your technology partner for the best advice.

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