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Changes To Business Telephony And Communications For 2023 - Part 3

Where we left off last time ….

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Posted by Pritesh Ganatra on 07/02/2023 @ 8:00AM

I want your business to run efficiently and to watch you grow, not be hampered by technology! Hopefully, you have seen parts 1 and 2 of this 3-part blog that are all about optimising the products and services that you need for your business ...

It's time to expose bad technology selling practices, which actually have a negative impact on the client!

It's time to expose bad technology selling practices, which actually have a negative impact on the client!

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There is a fine line between the quality of the product versus the price you should be paying for a service and more importantly, does the product and/or service fit your business to optimise efficiency?

"Lately, I have been increasingly alarmed at the number of clients who have been caught up in absolutely trash contracts and ill-fitting technology!"

They have been sold products and services that don't work as the technology should. The result is that services have been substandard and overpriced! One client has had two outages in five weeks and has not been able to contact the company and no offer of any compensation for the loss of service, resulting in loss of business.

Another company has, in my opinion, and in the nicest possible terms, been scammed. They have got been contracted for services at around £100K per annum. The market rate currently is no more than £60K per annum, and that is at a decent profit margin. So, the client is at least £40k per annum out of pocket and, if the contract is 3 to 5 years, that is £120 to £200k over-paid during the term.

Every company has a right to make a profit, but there's profit, and there's profiteering from over-selling and charging a business over the odds. The client could have invested this money into the business in other, more meaningful ways.

"I recently was awarded a Fellowship!"

I am a Fellow of the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals or FITP for short. This is not an automatic fill-in-the-form and pay-the-annual fee kind of Institute. I had a few hurdles to cross and ethics in the profession is one of them. Another reason for applying for the Fellowship is to pass on my knowledge of over 30 years in the technology business to the next generation.

I am a firm believer in best practices in the industry and these recent examples of poor quality sales, over-selling, over-pricing and overall poor service tarnish the profession. Most of my time lately has been taken up in assisting clients in untangling the mess that has been made and unfortunately, as much as I would like to do the work for free, have to charge for the time spent on writing the structured reports on the process of when they are nearing the point of being able to give notice to the current provider.

"However, I have made a point of writing in the
market rate that they should be paying!"

I also let them know which companies to get quotes from in the future. Also, I write in a lower rate for the same service, should they wish to return to me and allow my company to offer the services in future, effectively returning the consultancy fees at a later date.

In a nutshell, it’s now time to expose bad technology-selling practices. In an industry that has been and is dear to my heart since 1990, it is about time that some companies stop having a negative impact on the client, wasting their time and money and giving the industry as a whole, a bad name. We are here to grow the client business by providing technology as an efficiency solution, not a financial ball and chain.

It's time to say it: there are too many cowboys out there, so call an Indian (British Asian) instead!

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