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Not All Sausage Rolls Are The Same!

Neither is technology ...


Posted by Pritesh Ganatra on 13/06/2023 @ 8:00AM

You can buy a Sausage Roll from almost anywhere these days. I think you will all agree on that statement. You can get them in supermarkets, petrol stations, well known national bakeries and lest we forget, the humble British family run butchers ...

Not all sausage rolls are the same. Neither is technology!

Not all sausage rolls are the same. Neither is technology!

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But where do you get the best sausage rolls from? Which ones contain the correct meat content? Which ones are handmade from scratch and not just hand-rolled as the final construction of the shape?

"Who wouldn't mind paying a few quid more to eat
a more delicious sausage roll?"

One with the best sausage meat doesn't taste like rubber and the flakiest pastry that doesn't feel like paper? You know upon taste that the seasoning is just right and the overall flavour is what it should be and that someone has lovingly prepared and baked it to perfection.

There are occasions when you have to make do with a mass-market sausage roll due to time constraints and sheer convenience of where you are at the time. it could be a petrol station or supermarket, so you just pick one up that is 'ready to eat' and take it with you, in the full knowledge that the taste will be adequate and it will 'fill the gap' on this occasion.

"In the world of technology, it's exactly the same!"

All computers are not the same and all software packages (even with similar names) are not the same. You have to look closely at the ingredients and your vendor has to have the right industry credentials to know what you, as a business, require in the first instance.

You could trawl through manufacturers' data specifications, look at endless comparison sites, then go to Amazon or AliExress and purchase what you think is the right product for you at that time. However, there are different models with similar part numbers that are designated for retail sales and products specifically for the trade.

For example, 99% of laptops in stores and online are Windows Home operating systems and a lot of these still have an HDD hard disk so it's not about the processor, RAM and what looks like a large disk size such as a 1TB hard disk.

If you are running any type of business, small or large, then Windows Pro with an SSD instead of a hard drive is the flavour you should be looking for. More importantly, buy it from your local specialist, butcher - sorry we're not on sausage rolls now - from your local qualified IT professional so they can set it up professionally with the right antivirus and email security services as well as the correct version of Office 365 as this comes in a host of varieties too.

When it comes to Office WiFi systems, again buy local from a qualified specialist and have the system professionally installed. It may be a little more expensive, but will save you lots of money in the long term if any of the units become faulty (as manufacturers are not perfect). Also, they will carry out a full Wi-Fi survey to check for local interference from surrounding Wi-Fi signals and change settings accordingly so your systems work at optimum levels and minimise Wi-Fi dropouts.

"Buying a custom-made PC will give you better ingredients in the box compared to an off-the-shelf model!"

I have seen retail machines with Intel Core i5, 8Gb RAM and 1TB hard disk for £499.00 including VAT, yet for the same money, you can have built a box with Intel Core i7, 16Gb RAM and a 500GB SSD which can be 20x faster on boot-up. Do note that this all depends on the price of components at any given time.

If you don't prepare, cook and sell your own sausage rolls ... then you are not a tech professional.

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