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What Is Mobile Device Management?

Or just MDM for short ...


Posted by Pritesh Ganatra on 18/06/2024 @ 8:00AM

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a platform where you can list and manage almost any type of mobile phone or tablet device and keep a track of your assets ...

On average, MDM costs between £4 and £5 per month, per device and can be cloud managed with ease!

On average, MDM costs between £4 and £5 per month, per device and can be cloud managed with ease!

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The software that is loaded onto the mobile device is then able to be controlled from the administration interface and you can allocate varying degrees of permissions to any particular user. For example, you can disable the device from being able to download any new apps from Google Play Store or Apple AppStore.

"You can also switch off certain apps during working hours, for example, Facebook!"

One interesting feature of any decent MDM is Geo-fencing. Your management team can set up alerts if a mobile device is taken outside of a designated postcode area or enters inside a designated postcode area.

Back in the day (yes, MDM has been around for a long time), we used it as a tracker for when a user entered an airport postcode. We would get an email alert and we would check to see if the correct international roaming packages had been added to save huge bills upon the users' return. How cool is that?

In addition, remote locking, wiping and even sending a message to the screen to alert someone that the mobile device is monitored is also a useful tool in the event that the phone is lost or stolen.

The devices listed on most platforms can also show battery life, which apps are the most used and give remote assistance to the user if required (remote compatibility needs to be tested). The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth receivers can be disabled/restricted in use for security purposes as well. If a user insists on using a personal mobile for company/business use, the business data can be wiped separately from the personal data, which of course is the user's responsibility.

"The other use case for MDM is the deployment of Apps!"

If your company has developed or is buying a new mobile app, this can be loaded to the MDM platform then sent to every device in your fleet and activated simultaneously. Similarly, if an app needs to be updated or deleted, this can be scheduled by time (for example, overnight) in a controlled manner.

The one thing to note is that Mobile Data Management is not a live antivirus for internet nasties. Some MDMs do have file and app scanning to check for viruses, but do not monitor websites or downloads (where permitted of course) to perform a live check of the download.

On average, MDM costs between £4 and £5 per month, per device and can be cloud managed with ease. Antivirus for mobile may add £1.50 to £2.00 max to a device, but this should be included in the antivirus software that you purchase for your laptops and PCs (i.e. for your Windows machines) as some come with Android and iOS versions as part of the suite.

On that note, we'll talk about email security in the next blog post.

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